What You Should Know About Warranty Laws Of Motorized Wheelchairs

Any original product purchased from any authorized and recognized distributor is always guaranteed to have a warranty. This guarantee assures that the product’s quality and the buyer’s money are not jeopardized. Because wheelchairs are expensive, buyers must be aware of the laws or rules governing their warranty so that any problems can be resolved as soon as possible.

The warranty law for the motorized wheelchair, as amended on 10/96 under section 670 of the general business law, includes discussions about troubleshooting, product replacement, and money refunding.

The buyer must grasp all of the terms stated in this section.

a. The term “collateral costs” refers to the amount paid by the consumer for the repair of any defective wheelchair parts.

b. The word “consumer” may refer to any of the following:

The individual who purchased the motorized wheelchair from any manufacturer or reseller for a purpose other than reselling.

The person who is entrusted with the motorized wheelchair for a purpose other than resale, and if the transfer of use occurs, the motorized wheelchair’s express warranty expires.
It is about the person who provides the guarantee.

It may also refer to the individual who rents a motorized wheelchair from any approved retailer of motorized wheelchairs under a documented lease.

c. A “demonstrator” is a motorized wheelchair used for public demonstrations.

d. “Early termination cost” refers to the expenses incurred by renting outlets of motorized wheelchairs as a result of the written lease being terminated before the specified date of expiration.

e. “Early termination savings” refers to the obligations or expenses avoided by the renting outlet of motorized wheelchairs as a result of terminating the written leases before the expiration date specified and returning the motorized wheelchair to its manufacturer, as stated in this section in the third paragraph of paragraph b of subdivision 3.

f. Manufacturers are referring to:

The person who creates or assembles the motorized wheelchair.
Agents, importers, or distributors for the manufacturer
It could be either the factory or the distribution branch.
It could also be the manufacturer’s warranty.

It should be noted that the motorized wheelchair dealers are never considered the manufacturer.

g. Motorized wheelchairs are wheelchairs that are driven by motors or demonstrators that are purchased and accepted by consumers.

h. “Motorized wheelchair dealer” refers to someone who sells motorized wheelchairs.

i. “Nonconformity” refers to defective parts or conditions stated in the express warranty that affect the functions, value, and safety precautions.

j. “Reasonable attempt to repair” refers to the repair of nonconformities in the motorized wheelchair during the warranty period after purchase.

Manufacturers or any motorized dealer should provide consumers with express warranties at the time of purchase.

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