Get to Know These Symptoms of Dementia That Will Help You in Early Detection of the Disease 2023

While a diagnosis of dementia requires a neurological evaluation, a physical examination, and proper laboratory testing, there are certain signs to be aware of (listed below).

In addition, acquiring as much medical history as possible is required for an accurate and prompt diagnosis. This entails acquiring information on potential risk factors such as family history.

A history of strokes or other neurological illnesses would also be considered. Keeping note of the onset, duration, and development of symptoms is also essential.

Memory loss is usually the first and most evident sign. Other important dementia symptoms include:

  • Having difficulty remembering recent events.
  • Having difficulty doing basic calculations.
  • Failure to maintain personal hygiene, such as grooming or bathing.
  • Failure to recognize familiar persons and surroundings.
  • Struggling to find the right words to explain ideas or label basic objects.
  • Having trouble balancing a checkbook or penning a letter.
  • Not using sound judgment, such as not knowing what to do in an emergency.
  • Having difficulty managing your feelings or habits. Depression is prevalent, and irritability or hostility may arise at times.

These are some of the signs of dementia:

  • People suffering from dementia with Lewy bodies often have intense visual hallucinations. They may trip and fall regularly.
  • Personality changes or abnormal conduct may be the earliest signs of frontotemporal dementia. People with this illness may lack empathy for others, say inappropriate things, expose themselves, or make sexually explicit remarks.

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