Best Personal GPS Tracking Devices For Elderly Seniors

If you want a complete assessment of the finest GPS monitoring gadgets for older elders, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ll go through the fundamentals of GPS trackers, how they function, and why caretakers need them. We also compare the three top gadgets available right now. Continue reading to learn more.

GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System, a satellite-based navigation system comprised of over 30 well-spaced satellites that transmit exact information about their location in space back to Earth. Specialized receivers installed in different gadgets show this facts.

By just monitoring your attention with a GPS receiver device, you may determine the real-time position of any human, animal, or object.

The GPS has been used in every aspect of life since its inception. It has been widely employed in the operations of retailers, non-profit organizations, utility departments, and intelligence agencies.

What are GPS tracking devices?

GPS tracking devices (also known as GPS trackers) are gadgets that aid in determining and monitoring the exact position of its bearer. The position may then be saved on the device or communicated to a central database.

GPS trackers are critical for the safety of people and property. While some are versatile and may be used to monitor almost anything, others are built exclusively for people, pets, automobiles, airplanes, and so on.

Why are GPS tracking devices necessary for elderly seniors?

Humans are more likely to go lost when they are old or children. This danger is significantly greater among senior adults suffering from mental illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

GPS tracking gadgets are really essential for our aging elders. If we sincerely cherish their lives and respect their position, we should go to whatever length to safeguard them, even installing GPS trackers. Here are a few reasons why GPS monitoring gadgets are essential for elders.

Caregivers should be aware of the precise location of old elders at all times, particularly if the seniors suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Using GPS trackers for such elders would make it easier to locate them if they walk away and get lost.

Geographic fence is possible using GPS trackers. This tool notifies the caregiver if the monitored senior travels or is taken outside of defined geographical boundaries. These gadgets also include buttons that allow individuals to call for assistance if they are in a risky scenario.

Personal GPS tracking devices for elderly seniors: What to look for before buying

Considering a GPS tracking device for your elderly seniors? There are some important features to weigh up before making a purchase.

  • Real-time reporting: Not all tracking devices show real-time information on the location of the monitored individual. Some show reports that are delayed by minutes or hours. But those with real-time reporting feature are the best.
  • Ease of use: Like children, elderly seniors need a device that is very easy to use. Their gradual intellectual deterioration may make it difficult for them to utilize a complex device.
  • Battery life: It goes without saying, but the longer the battery life, the better the device. GPS trackers with battery life running into weeks are the best.
  • Hardware quality: The device must be made of a high quality material — not easily breakable, water resistant, and lightweight material.
  • Wearability: GPS trackers that are easy to wear are better. This explains why you should opt for GPS trackers with wearable straps or clips.
  • Panic button: An ideal GPS tracker should have a panic button, which when tapped can send an emergency SMS to the caregiver. This is necessary because monitored seniors might find themselves in dangerous situations that are unknown to the caregiver.
  • 2-way voice calling: This feature is a huge plus. It works like a speed dial, allowing the tracked senior to dial any of the 2 or 3 registered numbers at the touch of a button.

Best GPS tracking devices for seniors and the elderly (reviews)

More caregivers are becoming aware of the need of using GPS tracking devices to monitor elders in their care. This explains why the demand for these gadgets is expanding.

As expected, rising demand for personal GPS monitoring devices has resulted in greater supply. And today the market is flooded with GPS trackers of all types and brands. As a result, making the appropriate decision while searching to purchase a GPS tracker is quite difficult.

To make the difficult work of selecting the best gadget a bit simpler, we explored internet retailers and compared numerous GPS tracking devices now available. This comparison is based only on genuine consumer feedback, brand credibility, and the crucial aspects mentioned above.

Based on our study, the following are the top 5 best GPS tracking gadgets for seniors and the elderly.

1. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

 you may evaluate the monitored person’s movement over a one-year period by looking at the speed, time, and location of the monitored individual on Google Maps. It’s also worth noting that you may follow the gadget using your PC, tablet, or smartphone by connecting it to the Spy Tec GPS platform.

The geo-fencing function of the gadget enables the caregiver to identify parts of the map as the device’s borders depending on where the monitored person is not likely to travel. The caregiver is notified if the gadget is transported outside of the mapped region. Certain regions may also be designated as “forbidden zones.” When the gadget enters such zones, the caregiver is immediately notified.

You can also establish alert triggers on the Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker, which will give you an SMS or email alert anytime the device exceeds a certain speed or position limit, runs out of power, begins or stops moving, or enters or departs certain locations. All of this may be customized.

The gadget is compact and lightweight, roughly the size of a matchbox. As a result, it may be stored in the senior’s shirt or trouser pocket or fastened to their belt. The battery life is exceptional. The gadget lasts around two weeks when used continuously, and much longer when used intermittently.

In addition, the Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker is multifunctional. As a result, when the monitored elder dies, it may be used to follow children, dogs, automobiles, and other mobile things at danger of loss.

The gadget requires a monthly subscription plan, with prices ranging depending on tracking frequency. There is no commitment or activation fee for the real-time monitoring package.

What we like

  • Instant, real-time location tracking
  • No need for a prepaid SIM
  • Geo-fencing feature
  • SOS call feature
  • Small and lightweight
  • Records locations, movement, and speed for up to one year
  • Accelerometer for motion detection
  • Automatic power-off function when not in motion
  • PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone support
  • No-contract subscription plan
  • Multipurpose — can also be used for kids, pets, cars, etc.
  • Very long battery life (at least 2 weeks)
  • Excellent rating on

What we dislike

  • The monthly subscription charges are a bit high (not much for the quality, though)

2. Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator

The Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator is a compact, simple-looking yet attractive personal GPS tracking gadget that is ideal for the elderly. It is a wearable tracking gadget that delivers tracking data to any smartphone that has been setup. All the caregiver has to do is install the Yepzon app on their smartphone, turn on the GPS device, and enter the setup parameters.

The gadget is powered by a powerful battery that may last for weeks to months depending on use. It has an in-built motion sensor that turns off the gadget when the carrier is still and turns it on when it detects motion.

The Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator is compact and lightweight, and it may be worn around the monitored person’s neck with the accompanying neck strap. It can monitor in any place and, if necessary, provide location data every 10 seconds.

The gadget is free for six months, after which the monthly monitoring fee is less than $5.

What we like

  • Very small and lightweight
  • 10-second location tracking
  • No need for a prepaid SIM
  • Geo-fencing feature
  • SOS call feature
  • Motion sensor
  • Automatic power-off function when not in motion
  • Supports any smartphone
  • No-contract subscription plan
  • Affordable month tracking plans
  • Multipurpose — can also be used for kids, pets, cars, etc.
  • Very long battery life (weeks to months)
  • Very good rating on

What we dislike

  • No SOS call button
  • No real-time tracking feature
  • Tracking accuracy reduces when device is indoors
  • Tracking app sometimes has issues with iOS

3. ERAY GPS Tracker Watch

The ERAY GPS Tracker Watch is a unique wristwatch that includes GPS tracking. Its ability to function as a personal watch makes it ideal for seniors, since it is simple to operate. The gadget tracks your whereabouts in real time. To do this, it supports both LBS, which offers inside tracking, and GPS, which is excellent for outside tracking.

The ERAY GPS Tracker Watch has a voice call button and a 2-way voice call capability, allowing the monitored senior to interact with the caregiver as needed. There is also a voice message function that enables you to send recorded messages rather than make live phone calls.

The gadget, which is powered by a 500mAh battery that may last up to 60 hours, needs a SIM card to work. It’s worth noting that the gadget does not contain a SIM card.

What we like

  • Wearable (as a watch)
  • Includes LBS technology for increased accuracy
  • Instant, real-time tracking
  • No need for a prepaid SIM
  • Voice call and voice messaging feature
  • Small and lightweight

What we dislike

  • Prepaid SIM card required (not included)
  • Setup isn’t easy
  • Not-so-good rating

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