Are you or your elderly parents moving to an Apartment from a house? Here’s Help

So you’re moving to an apartment; what are you going to do with all your favorite stuff that you can’t live without? Are your parents old and you’re considering downsizing? You won’t be able to steal everything, but you should be able to handle your/their most valuable components.

Accept it. We all have stuff that are important to us and must be present in our houses in order for it to be a home! Let’s mention Grandma’s “chamber pot”…well, maybe not. But there is something.
First, determine how much rent or mortgage you can pay. Then make a list of everything you want to take with you. If you’re a pack rat, now’s the time to go cold turkey and get rid of some belongings… Yard sale the nice stuff…but save the best for your new domain.

Now, go shopping to see how much room you can get for your money. The larger… the more you can carry with you. If you can afford it, take the den or additional room! Perhaps you can give up some inside space for a small yard in which to plant or tinker.

Okay, I know you’ll be carrying the main components with you (like the couch and coffee table, kitchen table and bedroom furnishings). Keep this in mind as you gaze about your new environment. Take measurements with you. Don’t just assume it’ll fit. Measure the item’s length, breadth, and, if necessary, height. If you are elderly and want assistance, ask one of your children or grandkids to assist you.

As you put the finishing touches on your new environment, consider yourself an interior designer. Place the largest pieces first and on the largest walls. Then bring in the tiny must-have objects (coffee and end tables, lamps, and so on). Now, just because you’re accustomed to doing things one way… Break out of the box…or cycle and shake things up a little. Rearrange things this way and that. Which one is more appealing?

When decorating the room, combine items that complement or would be viewed together. Assume you have a collection of ancient radios scattered around. Bring them together in one room…now place them on a bookshelf or shelf to compliment one other. The same goes for anything you find collectible…dolls…trains…or, if you’re daring enough, glass stuff!

The walls are next. Maybe you can transform some of your favorite items into wall décor. Make a shadowbox out of little items. Before hanging anything, test it out on the floor or bed to see how it looks together. Play with it and make sure you want it where you want it. Measure from the ceiling to the desired hanging height. This is ideal for images that must be horizontally even. To keep it equal, space it evenly.

I hope you found this post to be educational and useful. I also have a lot of free articles on my website. They cover all aspects of home remodeling and interior design. Gardening and landscaping are other options! If you’re bored, visit my website and get to work on improving your house or yard.

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