A Complete Comprehensive Guide On Boomers’ Grandparenting So That They Can Have An Important Role in Family Unity 2022

The baby boomer generation- that post-World War II birth rate spike between the years 1946 and 1964- is finally winding its way around to becoming grandparents.  The 75 million boomers are a powerful cultural force in the United States.  They represent 29% of the country’s total population, and the 32 million of them who are grandparents represent about a third of all grandparents in the nation.

How are these baby boomer grandparents different from grandparents of previous generations?  One of the most significant differences, according to Washington-based AARP, is their age.  Boomer grandparents are significantly younger than the grandparents of former generations.  The average age for first-time baby boomer grandparents is 47 years old.  You are more likely to see baby boomer grandparents bicycling or running a 5K than relaxing in a rocking chair; and unlike their predecessors, baby boomer grandparents have their own careers, are college-educated, and are working full or part-time.

According to a recent Good Morning America program, another major difference is related to finances.  Baby boomer grandparents collectively spend a total of $35 billion a year on their grandchildren. On average, they spend $500 a year on each grandchild, up from $300 in 1992.  Fifty-two percent of grandparents help pay for their grandchildren’s education, 45 percent help pay for living expenses and 25 percent help pay medical and dental costs.

There is no question that baby boomer grandparents have embraced the digital age.  No longer confined to long-distance calls, greeting cards, or letters, the baby boomer grandparent is knowledgeable about an endless number of digital age communication options such as e-mail, voicemail, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging.  As a bonus, not only are baby boomer grandparents staying connected with their grandchildren, especially their teen and their college-age grandchildren, but they are also renewing old friendships via the new social media outlets.

In spite of all this, the baby boomer grandparent and the grandparent of old are really not so different.  They share the timeless values and beliefs that have always been the core of effective grandparenting.  No matter their age or generation, grandparents provide the emotional support, wisdom, unconditional love, and commitment that is so vital for all grandchildren.

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