A Complete Comprehensive Guide On Boomers’ Grandparenting So That They Can Have An Important Role in Family Unity 2022

The baby boomer generation, defined as the post-World War II birth rate surge between 1946 and 1964, is now making its way to becoming grandparents. The 75 million baby boomers represent a significant cultural force in the United States. They account for 29% of the overall population, and the 32 million grandparents account for almost one-third of all grandparents in the country.

What distinguishes these baby boomer grandparents from other generations of grandparents? According to the Washington-based AARP, one of the most important disparities is their age. Boomer grandparents are substantially younger than previous generations’ grandparents. First-time baby boomer grandparents are 47 years old on average. Baby boomer grandparents are more likely to be seen biking or running a 5K than sitting in a rocking chair; and, unlike their predecessors, baby boomer grandparents have their own jobs, are college-educated, and work full or part-time.

Another significant difference, according to a recent Good Morning America episode, is financial. Baby boomer grandparents spend a total of $35 billion on their grandkids each year. They now spend $500 per year on each grandchild, up from $300 in 1992. Fifty-two percent of grandparents contribute to their grandchildren’s education, 45 percent contribute to living expenditures, and 25 percent contribute to medical and dental bills.

Without a doubt, baby boomer grandparents have embraced the digital era. The baby boomer grandmother is no longer limited to long-distance calls, greeting cards, or letters; instead, they are familiar with a plethora of digital era communication choices such as e-mail, phone, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging. As an added benefit, baby boomer grandparents are not only remaining connected with their grandkids, particularly their adolescent and college-age grandchildren, but they are also renewing old acquaintances via new social media venues.

Despite this, the baby boomer grandparent and the traditional grandparent are not that dissimilar. They share the timeless principles and ideas at the heart of good grandparenting. Grandparents, regardless of age or generation, give the emotional support, knowledge, unconditional love, and dedication that all grandkids need.

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